Go Slow

There's an ocean in the hallway Everyday the water rises and I know it must be the glaciers melting because this waters the coldest hell I hadn't planned on drowning in but here I am Trying to swim across the hall back in to a bed I'm not missed from at all. Today I am... Continue Reading →

Broken Robot Boy

Maybe I love what's the big deal if I don't quite know down to a science what that word intrinsically means but my love for her is tangible it grows, if you know what I am saying I don't mean to be lewd, but I am not one for beating around the bush and I... Continue Reading →

Nights In The Desert

I wonder if the path I trace the journey my lips move past navel in to oasis will I ever travel again or am I simply a wayfarer resting escaping lonely nights


Are granola bars healthy? I assume so, they come in two for a pack I like the oats n honey If the pack comes with two and the box I buy in bulk might I add I can be quite the wholesale fiscal conservative. Though I am terribly liberal to the point I myself find... Continue Reading →


I apologize for staring at the monster in the mirror You say I do not listen but I hear you pretty clear I hear a crashing tree you say I am consumed by fear of getting lost in insecurities I won't let no one near of being weighed of being measured of being lesser of... Continue Reading →

The Hard Nights

There's rain in the air tonight teardrops pained in colored glass the world ain't so black and white the wind battering our backs lovers no more, couple long forgot we are reduced to bitter storm Today I am grateful for: I am grateful for the roof over my head and the opportunity to meal prep... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong

I would soon swallow my tongue saving my heart from what's wrong before my saliva sticks to the spindle and I begin creating the sentences you hate to hear. I spend my day chasing little opportunities to feel the warm moments of affection. The moments, so few and far between, keep me going. They drive... Continue Reading →

Worlds At War

The devils and the saints destroyed by Adam's bombs graves dusted in ashy gray sins don't look so black and white these days Today I am grateful for... I keep holding on to the hug you gave me this morning. intertwined forever in that moment, I remembered faintly all those moments of love. I am... Continue Reading →


The shredded strips of my ego wash away down the drain I went my own way Stevie The results came back the same I am insecure and unworthy somethings never change with a Papier-mâché personality Best be avoidant of the rain. Today I am grateful for: Fancy pens. The way they glide over pages of... Continue Reading →

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